Builders Without Borders Project Audit


You recently contacted Builders Without Borders for assistance.   In order to see if your project fits within our mission, we need to know more about you and your organization.  The first thing we ask of any potential partnering organization is that they complete the following “Project Audit” in order to see if your request fits within our current interests and if a potential partnership would be viable.

Builders Without Borders is an international network of ecological builders who form partnerships with communities and organizations around the world.  We advocate the use of straw, earth, and other easily-obtainable materials for the construction of homes, to help decrease reliance on expensive, and often unavailable, alternatives.   We believe that the solution to homelessness is not merely housing, but communities trained to provide housing for themselves.

Our criteria for projects that we work on are as follows:

§         Projects should be educational for the local community

§         Builders without Borders has an equal partnership with local community (in terms of time, energy, and money invested)

§         Projects should employ some form of natural building (working with local materials such as straw, earth, stone, etc.)

Once we receive a completed audit (done to the best of your ability), we will share the information with our steering committee to determine what could be the next step in assisting you.

We look forward to hearing more from you.


Dr. Owen Geiger
Director, Builders Without Borders

Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible:

Your organization:

§         Organization name

§         Contact information (address, phone, fax, email, web page)

§         Contact person name and position

§         What is your mission?

§         Size?

§         Staff make-up (foreign or national)?

§         Projects to date?

§         Main funding source?

§         What is your organization's specific need?

§         How would you like to partner with BWB?

§         What information would you like from BWB?

§         Do you have a group of interested, diverse participants who want to learn about natural building?


§         Monthly average low and high temperatures?

§         Monthly precipitation?

§         Snow in winter?

§         Wind speeds?

§         Solar potential (clear days per year and what time of year)?

§         Water table?

§         What is your building season?

§         Environmental concerns (earthquakes, flooding, tornado, typhoon, hurricane, fire, landslides)?

Available Building Materials

Are these materials available and are they bought or gathered? Also give prices and units if available.

§         Clay

§         Sand

§         Straw

§         Straw bales

§         Cement

§         Rock

§         Wood

§         Bamboo

§         Brick

Traditional Buildings

What is the traditional way of building houses? (before 50 years ago)

§         Foundations

§         Walls

§         Windows

§         Doors

§         Roof structure

§         Roofing

§         Wall insulation

§         Roof insulation

Current Building

What are buildings built of now?

§         Foundations

§         Walls

§         Windows

§         Doors

§         Roof structure

§         Roofing

§         Wall insulation

§         Roof insulation

In a standard house, what % of cost is labor and what % is materials?

Are houses generally built by owner builders or by professional builders?

Future Building

What kind of building materials would your organizations like to use?

§         Foundations

§         Walls

§         Windows

§         Doors

§         Roof structure

§         Roofing

§         Wall insulation

§         Roof insulation

Building Site

Is your building site urban or rural?

Is there adequate transportation for people and materials to the building site?

Does the site have any infrastructure? (water, electricity, sewer, etc.)

General questions

§         What is the political climate in your country?

§         What is the housing need in your country?

§         Do you have established relationship with any potential partners (local government, architecture or engineering schools, other NGO's, etc)?